Yaak River Falls
Yaak River Falls | April 2016

Welcome to The Yaak, Montana Community!

The Yaak is distinctively known as the "last great place" and the farthest northwest community in Montana!

Offering an abundance of year round activity from fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, kayaking, huckleberry and mushroom picking, amazing photography and more!

The Yaak river (named by the Indians - meaning arrow) flows through the mountainous northwest Montana community and meets the Kootenai river (also named by the Indians - meaning bow).

The area is mostly owned by the Forest Service with only a small fraction of land owned by home and business owners.

Rugged and remote can best describe the area. A number of those who live here enjoy the solitude and are even "off the grid".

The Yaak offers an excellent and definitely realistic get-away from the hustle and bustle of city environments. Cell phones don't work here, and internet access is either from satellite or dial-up.

Driving in the area is an adventure all in itself. The amazing beauty of the mountains, forests, the Yaak river streaming through the hills, the falls, and of course the wildlife! Bring your camera and plan on taking your time when traveling up "The Yaak" - you will be amazed!

I hope the information you find on this website will provide you with some infomative options for planning your next or upcoming week-end or vacation.

Visit - Enjoy - and Please Respect the Yaak, Montana Area

We all enjoy the beauty and wildlife the Yaak has to offer. Please do your part to help keep the Yaak clean and enjoyable for all.

Please bring trash bags with you and carry out your food, bottles, cans, and paper waste to help keep The Yaak clean and inviting for the next visitor.
Practice minimal impact camping techniques, including proper food storage and waste disposal techniques.
Follow the Pack in in - Pack it Out policy and Leave No Trace.

The wildlife will thank you for it!