Welcome to The Yaak, Montana Community!

Bears Emerging from Hibernation

Share bear country in a way that is respectful of bears and of the safety of other humans.
Bears emerging from their dens are physically depleted and food is a priority.
For tips and tools on obtaining and using bear spray, safe camping and hiking, access to bear resistant products and a guide to other items that attract bears to a property visit Be Bear Aware - Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks.

Upcoming Events


At the World Famous Dirty Shame Saloon we will have crawdads in from Louisiana and new t-shirts for everyone.
Second weekend in June. Be there for the ultimate party!!

Yaak River Independence Day

When: July 5, 2014
Where: Yaak River Tavern (Visit website)

Yaak Wilderness Festival

Yaak Valley Forest Council (visit website)
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act
When: July19th and 20th, 2014
Where: Yaak River Tavern (visit website)

The Yaak Wilderness Festival will be back in the Yaak with live music, family activities, craft vendors, wilderness hikes, and more. Live Music by Alan Lane and the 17 Mile Band and Tim Snider.

Grizzly Point Wilderness Hike - July 20th, 2014

Provided by the Yaak Valley Forest Council, the hike up Grizzly is moderately strenuous, steep, and is about 4-5 miles round trip. The views from the top are spectacular all the way into the Canadian Rockies.
To sign-up for this hike please contact Matt Bowser at or call (406) 295-9736.

Rock Candy Mountain Wilderness Hike - September 7th, 2014

Provided by the Yaak Valley Forest Council, this hike to the op of Rock Candy is a strenuous hike about 8-9 miles round trip. The top affords views into the nearby Northwest Scenic Peaks Area, as well as deep views into the Selkirks in Idaho and the Canadian Purcells. To sign-up for this hike please contact Matt Bowser at or call (406) 295-9736.

About the Yaak, Montana Area

Distinctively known as the "last great place" and proudly the farthest northwest community in Montana!

The Yaak offers an abundance of year round activity from fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, kayaking, huckleberry and mushroom picking, amazing photography and more!

The Yaak river (named by the indians - meaning arrow) flows through the mountainous northwest Montana community and meets the Kootenai river (also named by the indians - meaning bow).

The area is mostly owned by the Forest Service with only a small fraction of land owned by home and business owners.

Rugged and remote can best describe the area. A number of those who live here enjoy the solitude and are even "off the grid".

The Yaak offers an excellent and definitely realistic get-away from the hustle and bustle of city environments. Cell phones don't work here (so no Verizon guy - we can't hear you now), and internet access is either from satellite or dial-up.

Driving in the area is an adventure all in itself. The amazing beauty of the mountains, forests, the Yaak river streaming through the hills, the falls, and of course the wildlife! Bring your camera and plan on taking your time when traveling up "The Yaak" - you will be amazed!

I hope that the information you find on this website will provide you with the answers you need in planning your upcoming week-end or vacation.